Americans Agree Liberals Tone Cause Violence

The way the liberals are acting right now is the reason so many violent outbreaks are happening and we have proof. According to a poll, 73 percent of Americans feel that the liberals’ tone is one of the reason for the violence. It has been happening all over the country right now. There is obviously a very big problem that we have right now and it looks like as long as the liberals are here it will not go away. They are obsessed with attacking President Donald Trump, his administration and his family. They are truly a disgusting bunch of people and they need to stop. We cannot move anywhere as a country as long as we hate each other like we do now.

That is not to say that conservatives are not willing to work with the liberals. The Trump administartion has surprisingly shown that they are more than willing to work with Democrats in office. Partly because Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and a close adviser, is working with them to change the way our work laws are written. So maybe they should take a look in the mirror before they decide to hate on him for everything he does.

The violence will not stop until we can come to an agreement of some sort that spells out the way we work together. Because right now, there is a vile smell in the air and it smells a lot like hate. The liberals have shown in the past that they can be reasonable people, so where is that now? Maybe it went away after 8 years straight of Barack Obama.

Anyway we look at it, we need some change. We cannot continue to see the violent outbreaks that plague our country right now. Someone needs to put an end to it once and for all.

(h/t The Hill)