O’Reilly Announces Great Comeback

Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch thought that Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t do any good to the network and decided to fire him. The sexual harassment scandal put an end to O’Reilly’s career at Fox News, and viewers were disappointed. But, O’Reilly has great surprise for his fans, and this comeback thing is now filling headlines.

The former Fox News host faced a major scandal this year, and the result was more than devastating. O’Reilly was fired after spending 20 years in the network, and giving his best to boost its ratings. But, the Murdochs seemed do disrespect his efforts, and eliminated the host.

This triggered an avalanche of comments, and most of them were based on the alleged story of a new network. Some sources cited the possibility that conservative fat cats are planning to build a new network. This would push Fox News to the second position, and the Murdochs won’t like this at all.

Although many thought that O’Reilly will disappear from the world of journalism, he is ready to come back. The awesome comeback will surprised fans, but shocked liberals. Liberal “warriors” did their best to take O’Reilly out of the network. The host’s lawyers provided evidence about liberals’ smear campaign, but Murdoch ignored the proof.

How will liberals react now that O’Reilly announced the possibility of a new network? They’ll panic! According to the host, the new network will be a perfect competition for Fox News. We can’t wait to see both networks on the battlefield.

O’Reilly was part of The Spin Stops Here tour together with Dennis Miller. The host said that his new network will come out within a a few months, and fans cheered to this information.

What do you think about this information? How will the Murdochs accept O’Reilly’s new network?

(h/t Daily Mail)