CNN, USA Today Suing FBI

The testimony that former FBI Director James Comey gave really opened a lot of eyes at the kinds of investigations that were being run. For the most part, Comey did a horrendous job of leading one of the most prestigious bureaus in the country. For that, he should be ashamed. Comey should have lost his job much sooner than when President Donald Trump finally decided to fire him. There are many things that have come out since the firing and later, the testimony, that are very interesting in nature. The liberal media has been eating up anything that they can find to attack President Donald Trump and his administration. They want to get him impeached for anything and they think they found the perfect reason now.

Many incredibly shocking things came out during his testimony. One of the most shocking, however, would be that James Comey purposely leaked memos to the press through one of his close friends at the time. Conservatives, along with Trump himself, were livid at the idea that he went behind their back to do something like this. And as it turns out, he very easily could have broken the law by doing this.

But apparently CNN and USA Today are not happy with the FBI and  the memos that James Comey wrote. This is somewhat surprising considering it should go right along with the agenda they are currently trying to push. But for them, it is not about that. CNN and USA Today desperately want to see the memos so that they can continue their dangerous liberal agenda.

That is why they have decided to sue the FBI for the memos and whatever they contain. They are not going to win this suit as the FBI can do whatever they want with the memos. These two companies are just angry that they were not leaked to them instead of the New York Times.

(h/t Townhall, Mic)