Congressman Pushing For Gun Law

In the wake of the Alexandria shooting, many people continue to wonder if they are safe. The liberals that continue to attack President Donald Trump on a daily basis are not going to give in to the demands of the rest of the country. They simply do not care enough to stop. Their main goal in all of this is to make sure that President Trump is eventually impeached. Here is the bad part – they are willing to lie, steal, hurt or just about anything else in order to make that wish become a reality. We are seeing some very dangerous threats by the left and it is about time something is done about it.

It finally looks like a conservative lawmaker is taking matters into his own hands after the shooting. He is tired of fearing for his life on a daily basis and decided to do something about it. Rep. Mo Brooks was one of those who survived the shooting and was moved by the events that unfolded. He went on the floor recently and announced that he would be heading a bill that will allow lawmakers to carry firearms. This would be a big step the the right direction.

We can be fairly certain that President Donald Trump will be in good hands since he has the help of the Secret Service to protect him. Other lawmakers are not so lucky and are put at risk everywhere they go. It seems like something needs to be put in place so to ensure their safety. And thought this might not help everyone all the time, it is a good place to start.

If something is not done very soon, we could see more shootings like this one more and more. That is why it is crucial that we figure it out right now.

(h/t Conservative Tribune, Fox News)