Hillary Clinton Could Have Clearance Terminated

We all know what a fraud and a liar Hillary Clinton is. That is one of the reasons she is not in the White House today. Everything she does is surrounded by scandals and criminal investigations. It looks like it could be hard for her to come back from at this point and most of us are hoping that is the case. She deserves to go to jail for at least one of the many criminal actions she was involved in. Look at her email investigation that was once again botched by then-FBI Director James Comey. If it had been conducted in the correct way, she could very well have faced severe punishment.

But she didn’t and now she thinks once again that she will end up getting away with it. We cannot let that happen again. She needs to go to prison with her friend Barack Obama. Loo at her actions in Benghazi. Had that been a Republican, they would have been put in prison years ago. But that s what you get when you are part of the liberal elites. She is starting to see some of the smaller consequences, however.

Though it might not solve all of out needs as conservatives, we might be able to rest at least a little bit easier knowing that Hillary Clinton could no longer have security clearance very soon. It was reported by Fox News that after the Hillary investigation, it was proved that she cannot handle classified information in a controlled setting and that she could lose her clearance.

Should this not have been done a long time ago? It seems like we would have figured out that she does not deserve any sort of clearance after what she was proven to have done. Why is this still even a conversation that we are having?

(h/t Fox News)