ICE Takes Hard Look At Illegal Immigration

There are many things President Donald Trump wants to change while he is in office. There are some at the top of his list and there are others at the bottom. But one thing is sure–he will keep the promises that he told us on the campaign trail. That has been proven time and time again and it is only getting better as time goes on. Trump has already done more during his time in office than Barack Obama did in 8 years. Liberals do not like to admit that but it is the truth, that is one reason why they are so jealous of the president and his administration. Because they are doing such a great job for our country.

One thing he has already had a huge impact on would be that of illegal immigration. Donald Trump has been clear that he is not going to work with the illegals in this country in any way. He has kept his promise to start deporting these people right away. He now has the numbers to prove it. Arrests have gone up an astonishing 40% already under the new leadership. This is great news for Trump considering he was worried about this main area the most.

He is not just targeting the criminal illegals in this country, either. Trump has made it clear that no person in the United States will be able to stay here illegally under his watch. That is a promise that he has and will continue to keep. Immigration was always a big deal to Trump. He wants to protect Americans first and foremost. These illegals not only pose a threat to us criminally, but they also take our jobs and cheat the system. And that, folks, is not okay in President Donald Trump’s book.

(h/t Time)