Ivanka, Rubio Go To Hug Then It Happens

Ivanka Trump has been working hard for the American people and they are starting to notice her hard work. Being from the Trump family and administration it is hard for her to get past all of the liberal hate that is seen on a daily basis and it is starting to get even harder. The thing that liberals do not understand is that Ivanka is trying to work for both Republicans and Democrats. But they do not even care to look at the details. They have an agenda that needs to be met and the Trump administration for them, must go in full.

Well, that has not stopped Ivanka from doing everything she can to help everyone in America. Especially people like single working moms, who suffer the most from low pay. Ivanka has made it one of her goals to help these kinds of people and what does she get in return? She get attacked by the left for even trying. The liberals have now even moved on to attacking an embrace between her and Marco Rubio.

Now it is safe to say that the embrace between Ivanka and Marco was less than ideal. It was obviously a very awkward display and many took to Twitter to question the awkwardness of the hug. But that does not mean you have to attack their beliefs because of a simple hug, like some liberals chose to do.

When something like this happens, liberals are the first to jump on the ship and call names. This needs to stop if we want to get anywhere as a country. The irony, in fact, is that Ivanka was talking at an event aimed to help come out with solutions to paid family leave.


(h/t Western Journalism)