Judge “Fixes” Georgia Special Elections

Elections are supposed to be fair and democratic, but Democrats aren’t interested in playing fair games. We don’t even remember the last time Democrats played fair. Fixing elections is their “top quality.” Will anyone tell Democrats that this is actually a crime? Rules are made to be respected, and any breach will sent you right to the nearest courtroom.

President Donald Trump enjoyed full support of decent Americans. People recognized his true potential, and it was clear that he’d do things right. Obama never earned people’s trust, and he somehow got a second term. We wouldn’t go deeper in the matter, but there’s something fishy about his double victory.

Although Democrats scream and shout about the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections, reports show something else. Now evidence confirms that Democrats actually interfere with elections, and this time it’s the case of Georgia’s Special election. Oh, things look pretty bad.

Sources confirm that a judge “intervened” in the Special election, and issued an order that kept polls open for an extra 30 minutes. That’s not all. These polls are predominantly democrat, and we can already sniff the intentions this judge had.

Why are Democrats so tightly connected to judges? There is always a judge that gives them a hand. Remember how the judge blocked President Trump’s travel ban? We can already see the connection here.

Having all counties open is something we could understand, but this is absolutely ridiculous. The judge was probably following orders from above. It’s funny how people at top positions would do anything to steal the power. Remember Hillary’s fixed voting slots? Well, as I that would’ve helped her.

What do you think about this? Do you think the judge should go to jail for breaking the rules? Is there any similar case you have witnessed?

(h/t ABC News)