Media Ignores Record Highs On Trump

If there is one thing that the liberal media is good at, it would e not giving credit where it is due. At least for President Trump and his administration, that is. When Barack Obama was in office we saw nothing but good things spread about him all of the time. He could very literally do not wrong. On the other side of the spectrum, President Trump can only do wrong. For the liberals, anything he ever does will always be attacked by the mainstream and the liberals because he is a conservatives. They do not care about giving him credit, even when he deserves it.

That is what is wrong with the liberals and that is why they cannot be trusted with anything they do. They have been on a rampage recently, coming out with lie after lie on President Trump and his administration. In the days after the James Comey testimony, they were looking for anything they could find that would hurt his administration. Even though they came up empty handed, they are trying to act like they found a good reason for impeachment.

However, there are a few things that they have not been reporting on. The stock market is at an all time high. And in fact, since Donald Trump has become president, it has reached an all time high record an astonishing seven times. Did we hear about this on the mainstream media? You bet you didn’t. They do not want him to get even an ounce of credit, deserved or not.

Under Trump, the stock market has been growing at a shocking pace. That is something we could expect from Trump who is a businessman at heart. This is great to see, however and hopefully we will continue to see things like this in the future.

(h/t Young Conservatives, Gateway Pundit)