NYT Writer Admits No Evidence For Trump And Russia

The liberals and the mainstream media has been trying to prove that there was collusion between the Russians and President Trump for a long time now. Apparently they are not going to give up because there is clearly no evidence. They are currently looking for absolutely anything that can find in order to impeach President Trump. You know that it is bad when a writer from quite possibly the most liberal media sources of them all admits that there is no evidence to prove collusion. A writer from the New York Times came out and admitted that there is nothing out there right now. So why won’t the liberals stop their hate?

They want to see the demise of President Trump and his administration. All we have been hearing about for about 8 months now is how dumb and horrible Trump is. Now they have moved on to lies that are meant to destroy him for good.

Liberals need to move on from their hate. Are they not seeing the impact that it has on people around them? Look at the Alexandria shooting and combine it with what they have said about the shooter. It was obvious that he got his views based on what the liberals and the media were telling him. That is disgusting to say the least.

This writer from the New York Times is just the beginning. Soon, many more will come out admitting that there is no evidence of the things that they are trying to push against President Trump. Why is that? Because the truth always comes out. This has been a witch hunt from the beginning and it is starting to get worse and worse.

Something needs to happen to free Trump and administration from the grip that the liberal media has on him. What do you think?

(h/t The Blaze)