Patagonia Leads Resistance Against Trump

President Donald Trump is seeing criticism everywhere he goes, and it’s unfair how Democrats won’t give him a change. People in this country made a decision in November, and nothing can change the fact that Hillary lost. One thing stands for sure – Democrats are ready to go against President Trump with every tool that comes their way. That’s what Patagonia CEO just said.

The anti-Trump movement first appeared when Republicans nominated President Trump. Many Democrats couldn’t believe that Donald Trump could actually run for president. They were too confident about their victory. But, things didn’t work well for Democrats, and President Trump took the lead.

Some Democrats are too desperate to accept the new President. Patagonia CEO is one of them. Now Rose Marcario, the head of Patagonia, said that it’s time to resist President Trump. Marcario did an interview for Huffington Post, and we really saw this coming.

Patagonia CEO doesn’t approve the President’s work, and his rollback of Obama’s legacy. Well, no Democrats has ever done this. This is nothing but a pure form of anger. However, a leader of such great company should never spread words of hate.

“We have to fight like hell to keep every inch of public land. I don’t have a lot of faith in politics and politicians right now,” said Marcario.

Now it seems like Patagonia will sue the administration. Well, that’s just all Democrats do. Instead of supporting the President, and helping him make America great again, they’ll just stand there and sign lawsuits. Classy.

This is the latest outrage of Democrats. We can only hope that they start acting mature and reasonably.

What do you think about Marcario’s comments? Do you think her company will sue President Donald Trump and his administration? How will President Trump respond to her statement?

(h/t Huffington Post, Breitbart)