Scalise Makes First Post-Shooting Statement

James Hodgkinson had his own reasons to shoot at Stephen Joseph Scalise. Shooting at the current United States House of Representatives Whip is the worst thing he could ever do. Scalise is just fine now, but he will always remember the storm of bullets aimed towards him. He just released the first post-shooting statement, and supporters cheer.

Hodgkinson went at the baseball field with the intention to shoot somebody. Unfortunately, Scalise found himself in the middle of the shooting. The gunman asked people at the field whether Republicans play the game. People like Hodgkinson can’t wander around with loaded guns. What would’ve happen if Scalise died in the shooting?

Sources explain that the shooting has political background. Hodgkinson hates everything that comes from Republicans. Should we say that President Trump is his least favorite “character?” Of course not. Hodgkinson even posted a few anti-Trump comments on his Facebook account, and everyone can see it. “Trump is a traitor” is his favorite line.

“Here’s a Republican that should Lose His Job, but they Gave Him a Raise,” said Hodgkinson in one occasion. It’s clear that this man can’t stand Republicans, but we can’t find any excuse for the shooting. Killing opponents is out of every option, but Hodgkinson won’t learn his lesson. Police officers shot him, and he died in hospital.

The good part of the story is that Scalise is feeling great. Although his condition was critical at the beginning, doctors saved his life. He even made his first statement! This is great. Scalise didn’t deserve this, but one can never predict others’ intentions. Maybe Democrats will finally learn their lesson.

What do you think about the statement Scalise made? Do you think Democrats will try to cover up the murder attempt? How will this affect the politics in our country?

(h/t CNN, The Washington Post)