Steve Scalise Says First Words Since Shooting

There has been a lot going on in the world on politics recently and most of it has to do with the way liberals have chosen to treat President Donald Trump. We are seeing tremendous amounts of hate from the left. Sadly, even the media has gotten involved and it is now an all out witch hunt against the Republican Party. The worst part about it all? Even some Republicans have tried to starting attacking Trump. Many have even come out in support of impeachment, something that should not even be talked about on a serious level. Even after what happened to Steve Scalise and all of the other victims, liberals are still going at it strong.

Luckily, Steve Scalise is a strong conservative man who holds the same values as so many of us. He wants to help make America great again. Many concerned citizens around the country have been trying to find out more about what happened and how he is doing. It looks like he is finally doing much better. He even sent out a tweet that proves he is feeling well.

Scalise is a man that we know will come back stronger and more ready to fight than ever before. He has been fighting hard for conservative values for as long as most. Liberals and the hate that they show will not get in the way of his ideals, that much is sure. We need to try to stick together so that all of us can see the United States that is meant to be.

Conservatives need to stand firmly against the liberal hate while also not giving into it. Are you guys glad to see that Scalise is doing much better?

(h/t Twitter, Fox News)