President Trump Shows NK Who’s Boss

President Donald Trump has notably not backed away from any fight since being President and it is starting to show. He cares about the safety of the American people, unlike Barack Obama who only cared about himself. It was pretty obvious that Trump was going to go about the president in a much different way that Barack. And thus far he has held true to that promise, making many huge moves that move us in the right direction. We are finally starting to see some change that truly matters and it is a sight to see. One thing very sad has happened in the past week, however. That would be the passing of Ottto Warmbier who was stuck in North Korea for 18 months straight.

He died at the hands of the North Koreans and their hateful and dangerous regime. President Trump, who has already dabbled with the Koreans at some points in his presidency, has come out with another show of force. Two bombers made their way over there to show solidarity with Otto and his family. Though this was not listed as the specific reason why, we know that it was definitely in play here.

Unless we do something soon, the North Koreans will continue their hateful ways, getting away with whatever they want in the process. We need to take some real action so that they stop doing this kind of thing. When will they learn not to mess with American citizens and their families? Barack Obama and his administration did absolutely nothing to stop this kind of hate. That is one of the reasons Otto did not make it.

The North Koreans have to pay for their actions and President Trump is the one to do exactly that. What do you think about this whole situation regarding North Korea?

(h/t Conservative Tribune, Daily Caller)