The View Hosts Relate ‘Hysterical’ To ‘Sexist’

Many viewers still don’t get the point of The View. For most Americans, this show is nothing but a bunch of anti-Trump women who try to gain some popularity. But, things don’t work that way in the showbiz. We all remember Whoopi and her comments on President Trump. The View hosts are at it again. This time they’re interpreting the term ‘sexist.’

Wrong interpretation, of course. Whoopi and the gang can’t do anything but criticize the President. The actor is no longer part of the Hollywood cream, and now she is just trying to do politics. Well, Whoopi better find herself a new hobby instead of just jumping around and blasting the President.

This time the hosts discussed over the meaning of the term ‘hysterical.’ Jason Miller used the word when interrupting Sen. Kamala Harris. Well, that’s what these anti-Trump hosts say. According to them, “calling a women hysterical” is sexist. Oh, really? Maybe someone could give them a lesson or two. Ignorant people can host shows.

“So the former aide Jason Miller it was said he was being hysterical, quote, unquote. Do you think they would use the word hysterical against a male senator?” Behar said.

“They would never do it, and I know Kamila Harris. She is one of the most even-keeled stately people. She is a former prosecutor and she was using that experience to kind of cross-examine him. Don’t we want that?” Hostin added.

The rest of the hosts just complemented each other, and made a “perfect” description of the situation. Let’s be honest, no description is ever real if it comes from Behar and her friends.

What do you think about the words ‘hysterical?’ Do you think The View hosts exaggerated a bit? Would you ever connect “hysterical” with sexist? How will Harris react to this?

(h/t Breitbart)