Barron Trump Attacked For Taking Photo

The liberals are on a rampage right now and they have shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. The Obama administration made it their goal to protect the Obama daughters no matter what and for good reason. Children should never be made out to be the bad guys because of what their parents do. What a shame that Barron Trump, President Trump’s 11 year old son does not get the same treatment. Even with everything that the administration has done in order to block this behavior, the liberals find a way.

That was shown in a big way recently when Barron Trump, getting home from Camp David, was seen snapping a photograph of the helicopter he just got out of. It seems like a totally innocent thing to do. But for liberals around the country, it seemed like a thing that was worth attacking him over.

Once the video made it to Twitter, it was over for poor Barron. Liberals went at him with disgusting insult after insult and it looks as though they keep coming. The behavior that we have seen from liberals throughout the Trump administration has been discerning to say the least. They have shown no signs of remorse for their actions.

Barron needs to be off limits from anything the liberals want to say or do to him. We saw firsthand what will continue to happen if these attacks go unchecked. It should go without saying that this kind of political climate creates a breeding ground of hate, no matter which side you are on.

The Alexandria shooting is exactly what will continue to happen if we do not see some sort of change very soon. Our governmental officials need to be protected from this kind of hate and we will see change soon.

(h/t Conservative Tribune)