CBS Host Pelley Says Congressional Shooting May Be Self-Inflicted

Scott Pelley may join Griffin and the rest of the public faces who may end up being jobless for doing the least ethical thing. Pelley has been hosting “CBS Evening News” since 2011, and he made a fatal mistake in the last broadcast of the news. We know that all the Scalise supporters will stop watching the show due to Pelley’s comments on the congressional shooting.

Pelley suggested that the horrifying shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, was “self-inflicted.” Well, Scalise’s condition was critical, and he had to spend some time in hospital. In what way is this “self-inflicted?”

At least one congressmen required that Pelley is fired. Some said that the host should “never be employed in the media again.” How could he say that House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, his friends, and the Capitol Police officers may be partially responsible for the bullets they received? No professional should ever say anything like this about innocent people targeted by a man like James Hodgkinson.

“It’s time to ask whether the attack on the United States Congress, yesterday, was foreseeable, predictable, and to some degree, self-inflicted,” Pelley said. We already know the intentions behind this comment.

“Too many leaders, and political commentators, who set an example for us to follow, have led us into an abyss of violent rhetoric which, it should be no surprise, has led to violence,” the CBS host added. He did nothing but pointing his finger right at President Trump.

Scalise can’t blame the President for every insane shooting at Republicans. He can read people’s thoughts. How can he know if an insane man will go out and shoot his people?

What do you think about Pelley’s remarks? Do you think he made a mistake? Will CBS CEO fire him after the comments he made on congressional shooting?

(h/t Conservative Tribune, Fox News)