Donald Trump Ends Illegal Immigrant Programs

If there was one thing that Donald Trump wanted to make sure to accomplish before leaving office, it would be overhauling the entire immigration department. He has made it a goal of his to end Obama-era practices that aimed to pardon or let off certain groups of illegals. And the media has not been kind to Trump for this. It seems like they are trying to make him out to be some racist monster that wants to destroy lives.

That is, however, not the case. President Trump is simply putting the safety of Americans before all other things. It was clear during his campaign that he was excited to work on immigration reform and that is exactly what he has been trying to do. And now, he has taken a great stride in the right direction. Trump has officially shut down a program headed by Sarah Saldana, a Barack Obama appointee. She was set to try to soothe illegals in the United States about ICE and make them feel more welcome.

This is very similar to Obama’s legacy program, which aims to make it easier for certain illegals to stay in the United States. Well, finally President Trump has come out and said enough is enough. He will be putting an end to this practice. He eventually would like to roll back all of Obama’s cherished immigration policies. They are just not what America needs right now.

Now is the right time more than ever to look at our immigration policies and see what needs to be done. It seems quite obvious to us, but look at what Europe is going through currently. If Obama’s policies were to continue, we could very easily be seeing that right here at home. That is not what we need.

Are you glad to see Trump killing these Obama-era policies?

(h/t WFAA, ICE)