First Lady Melania Looks Stunning In Summer Outfit

First Lady Melania is the ideal woman to carry this great role. She is one of the most amazing women this country has ever seen. Our brilliant First Lady fills headlines across the globe, and everybody is talking about her impeccable style.

Every woman in the world would switch places with First Lady Melania. We’d all love to be her for at least a day. We’re proud to have such a gorgeous woman representing our country.

Unfortunately, First Lady Melania was a constant target lately. Liberals just love to mock her, and their criticism crosses the red line every time they start discussing about this lovely woman.

The First Lady was first mocked for leaving President Trump alone in the White House. Some said that she’d never live with her husband. Others were more creative in their stories saying that the President’s daughter, Ivanka, would carry the First Lady role. None of these stories is actually true, and First Lady Melania has already moved in the White House.

First Lady Melania did the same thing as every other mother would do. She waited for her son to finishes school in New York, and then moved in with her husband. The First Lady accompanied President Trump at every event he attended, and that’s a clear proof that their marriage flourishes.

Now every fashion reporter in the country worships the First Lady for her summer outfits.

The First Lady was caught wearing a Gabriela Hearst herringbone-stitched poplin dress. She looked amazing. The brown letter belt complemented her look.

She wore her Celine bag and Manolo Blahnik Lauratopri stilettos on the way back from Camp David.

Her midi dress signed by Michael Kors was the perfect out for the meeting with the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela.

What do you think about the outfits First Lady Melania picked for these occasions? What’s your favorite styling? Do you think she made smart fashion picks this time?

(h/t Breitbart)