Handel Won In Georgia!

Democrat Jon Ossoff lost the elections, and this race one of the most expensive election game America has ever seen. These elections are considered as a referendum of the initial work of President Donald Trump. Republicans grabbed the position left by Tom Price, and this is only proof that Americans have the power to recognize true values. Price is now the new Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The veteran Republican officeholder won the special House election in Georgia. The battle was tight, and Handel’s party were split in two. Some of the members disapprove President Donald Trump and his work in the Oval Office.

Ossoff, 30, lost the elections despite the fact that he somehow managed to raise $25 million. We already know who gave him all those money. Democrats were just trying to pour out their hate for President Trump. But, things didn’t go the way they planned.

These elections would have been silent and calm, but progressives did their best to spice them up. Reports say that the high-stakes referendum on President Trump was one of the most expensive House campaign Americans have ever witnessed.


Handel won pretty easily. Republicans cheered to her victory. Ossoff is linked to House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi and the “San Francisco values.” This is a clear sign that Democrats are doing their best to take the lead in every bit of the country. We can’t understand how these people ignore our democratic right to make our own choices.

President Trump was the absolute winner in November, and Democrats should respect that. Their disrespect for the President only show that they will never accept people’s will.

What do you think about Handel’s victory? Do you think Ossoff will accept his loss? Who gave him the money he used to race against Handel?

(h/t The New York Times)