Ivanka Tweets About The “Failed Hug”

Sen. Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump had a funny incident, and liberals rushed into creating a mocking story. Well, that’s what we all expected, because no Trump photo could ever be ignored. Liberals just love bugging the First Family, and Ivanka is their favorite target.

The President’s daughter had many troubles since her father was nominated. Things got worse after Inauguration Day. Ivanka’s line was dropped, and her items were removed from the shelves in several stores. President Trump tweeted that his daughter is unfairly treated, and he’s right. Ivanka didn’t deserve any of the nonsense she faced.

Ivanka is one of the greatest women in the US. She is smart, successful, and caring. Every young girl dreams to be Ivanka one day. The President’s daughter is a clear proof that power doesn’t come packed with arrogance. Ivanka is lovely and respectful. She recognizes true values, and always likes to help those in need.

But, liberals can’t see any of this. They’re blind with hatred, and that’s wrong in so many levels. Ivanka deserves all the respect in the world. She emphasized the role of women in American society. Many women managed to find their true cause with Ivanka’s help.

And now liberals are mocking the awkward photo that emerged on social networks. “The failed hug” was the hottest topic in the last few hours. It’s just a regular photo.

Marco Rubio said that he’d investigate the issue. “Just left Intel comm & informed meeting 2day with @IvankaTrump blowing up twitter over alleged failed hug! Investigating. Will respond soon,” he tweeted.

The First Daughter also came out with comments on the photo. Anonymous sources say @marcorubio planned the alleged failed hug. I have no comment (but I would have hugged him anyway!” Ivanka tweeted.

So, what will liberals say now?

(h/t The Hill)