Joy Behar Admits What Everyone Knows

The View has made it their goal to trash President Donald Trump at basically any chance they get. Many times they have come out with vile attacks against him and his administration. At some points they have even gone after his family, which should obviously be off limits. But for the women at The View, they think they can do or say whatever they want. Well, they might have finally figured out that this is not a winning strategy for them or the Democrats. Joy Behar has admitted on the show that the Democrats need to make some major changes if they want to challenge President Trump.

On today’s The View, Joy Behar came out with a stunning admission. It was not stunning because of what she had to say. No, conservatives have already known this for a very long time. Rather, it was stunning because of who was admitting it. Behar came out and finally told the liberal audience that there is a big problem for the Democrats. She went on to explain that if they do not make changes, they could be in for a long Republican reign.

Since Donald Trump has taken office, we have seen an influx of liberal and Democratic hate towards him and his administration. Liberals now think that they should base their elections off everyone’s combined hatred of Trump.

There are a few problems with this strategy for the liberals. First, half of the country adores the president and trusts him to make the changes that Obama wouldn’t. That is why they voted for him in the first place. Secondly, any campaign that is rooted on the basis of hate is not going to get you very far. It is safe to say that we won’t have to worry about the liberals for a while.

(h/t Daily Caller)