Judge Jeannine Pirro Goes After Michelle Obama

After everything that President Donald Trump has said about the attacks against him from the liberal mainstream media, you would think people would start to listen. But apparently they are not interested in the truth. The liberals are oblivious when it comes to the lies that are being spread about President Trump and they are blissfully content with not knowing what is being kept from them. To them, everything that the media tells them is base on the truth. This is something conservatives know is far from reality. Somehow, lies have gotten through the editors at said media sources that are now being spread through published stories. Judge Jeannine Pirro has had enough of it.

Michelle Obama, the epitome of a liberal, recently went on with Oprah to talk about her husband, Barack Obama, and how he compared with our current president, Donald Trump. Michelle explained to Oprah and her audience that her and Barack were trying to build their basis on the idea that Americans need hope for the future. She went on explaining that this was not just a slogan to gain votes, but something they truly believed.

She reverted this statement, somehow, to the Trump administration and how they are not giving Americans any real chance at hope. Well Michelle, it seems like 80% on the United States totally disagrees with you. And that includes conservative firebrand Judge Jeannine Pirro.

Pirro went on her show and took it to the former First Lady lecturing Michelle on the truth. She explained how hope was when people voted for Barack Obama and were then let down tremendously after he failed to deliver on any of his promises. That is why people DO have the chance to hope once again under President Donald Trump. Michelle told the audience the opposite of the truth. The literal opposite of what is really going on. And that is what the liberals do.

(h/t Fox News)