Laura Ingraham Could Be Next White House Press Secretary

A lot of things are going on in the White House right now and President Donald Trump is behind them. He has been working hard to keep the promises he made while on the campaign trail. And for the most part, he has done a great job doing that. There are still a few big promises notably missing, but we are sure that he will deal with those at a later date. Keep in mind, he is doing this with the full force of the liberal hate against him. They are doing anything they can to destroy him and his administration.

But there are some major changes coming right now that could either work out really well or really bad. This is depending on the direction Trump is going. As it was reported earlier in the week, White House Press secretary Sean Spicer is leaving and will be taking a new position within the White House. We are yet to now where exactly. But it is assumed it will be a step up from his current gig.

There have been many differing reports on who his replacement could be, but many around the President are pointing to Laura Ingraham. She was known to have gotten security clearance a while back which points to the idea of her as being the next White House Press Secretary.

Obviously, details at this point are limited. But if Ingraham were to become the next Press Secretary, she would do a fantastic job. Liberals will bring it to anyone President Trump chooses so they need to be ready to back him up. He needs to bring someone in that he can undeniably trust.

We are seeing some big changes in the White House and hopefully they will turn out for the best. Do you think she’d be a good replacement?

(h/t Washington Post)