Lisa Durden Goes On With Tucker Carlson

We are seeing an influx of hate from the left every day. This is slowly and silently killing the United States as we know it. We have seen more and more the way the media portrays the president and his administration. They are trying to do everything they can to get him impeached. The sad part is that they do not see the disgusting double standard that they are using. Liberals are going to lose at their own game because they don’t understand how this works. And we got to see that on live television recently when liberal Black Lives Matter professor Lisa Durden went on with Tucker Carlson.

Lisa Durden is a famous attacker of all white people. She doesn’t care what she looks like or who she attacks. Durden is doing everything she can in order to portray all white people in a bad light. She tried to do that when she went on with Tucker Carlson from Fox News. Unfortunately for her, it did not go over quite like she expected.

While on Tucker Carlson’s show, Durden went on a massive racist rant, trying to get a reaction out of the conservative viewers. Well, she did just that as the next morning she found out she had been suspended indefinitely from Essex County College where she works. This is what they liberals are currently learning.

They cannot continue to attack President Donald Trump and his administration without any repercussions. We need to show them that this kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated. President Trump and company have been doing a great job trying to work things out between Democrats and Republicans. But once again, Democrats have proven that they are not interested in working together and only want their way.

Are you glad to see Lisa Durden go?

(h/t Mediate, NJ)