Melania Trump Wears Amazing Black Dress

Melania Trump has proven time and time again that she can stun crowds with her beauty. We saw that again recently. First Lady Melania Trump is full of class and is someone that we can be proud of as a nation. For 8 years, we suffered under Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. These two did not have class and did not represent the people of the United States in a good way. That is why it’s so refreshing to see Melania and Donald in the White House. Melania is constantly turning heads with her outfits. And that’s considering there are many designers that are unwilling to work with her. Do you see the difference between her and Michelle?

President Trump and First Lady Melania were set to have dinner with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen at the Naval Observatory in Washington DC. This is why we are so proud of our First Lady. Just look at the stunning ensemble she wore to the dinner. She wore a knee length, sheer black dress with matching high heels.

She has once again proven why she is such an amazing First Lady for the people of the United States. she absolutely stuns with every single outfit she wears. That is a big change from the Obama years when, at times, Americans were embarrassed with what they saw in the White House.

Melania also looked amazing with a recent meeting with the Valenzuela President Juan Carlos Varela and his wife at the White House. She wore a beautiful blue dress with buttons down the side. This was an amazing outfit choice for the meeting and it really just goes to show what effort she puts into it.

Are you guys proud to have a First Lady like Melania Trump in the White House?

(h/t Daily Caller)