Nancy Pelosi Makes Fool Of Herself

Nancy Pelosi is a perfect microism for what is wrong with the Democrats and their leadership. They have a big problem and it will not go away until they admit that there is a problem in the first place. As of yet, they have been unwilling and therefore have not seen an election win for a long time. Pelosi has been destroying her own party for too long and Democrats are starting to notice. For too long there has been no real leadership in the party. Now don’t get us wrong, it is fine with conservatives around the country that are enjoying watching the Democrats crumble to the ground.

Have you notice the upgraded assaults directed at President Trump and his administration? That is because they feel threatened by Trump. They do not know what to do at all and they are officially losing it.

The election in Georgia last night was the perfect example for Democrats around the country. It was one of the reasons so many Democrats have now turned on Pelosi. She was one of the leaders involved in the loss of Jon Ossof in the special election. Liberals are taking out their anger on President Trump when in reality, he is doing everything he can to work for all Americans.

Trump wants to make sure that America is great again. And either way you look at it, he will have to work with the Democrats. But Pelosi has to go. She is simply too old and too worn down to continue on her post and it shows more and more every day. The leadership has been poor from the start of the election season and onward. Barack Obama might be the one to blame for this one. But he will never be touched by liberals.

(h/t Western Journalism)