NBC Kicks Megyn Kelly Straight In Fox News?

Megyn Kelly could easily be kicked out of NBC, and people talk how the network is trying to send Kelly back to Fox News. Well, controversy never pays off, at least not in Kelly’s case. We believe that she is now regretting the decision to make an interview with Alex Jones.

Kelly made a shocking interview with Jones, and discussed over the Sandy Hook massacre. Things got a bit messy when Jones said that he considers this massacre to be fake. Americans were furious, and everyone hoped that the full interview doesn’t live to see the light of the day. It’s sad how Jones disrespects all the children who died in the massacre. Didn’t he think of the reactions after this interview? Probably not.

However, Jones claimed that Kelly lied to him, and assured everyone that she even told him that the Sandy Hook massacre will never be mentioned. But, it was, and it shocked the country.

Now sources say that NBC doesn’t want Kelly in, and some even said that the network is trying to kick her straight in the direction of Fox News.

But, a Fox News source said that Kelly will never ever come back there, because she “would not be welcomed back.”

Mark Simone wrote how Kelly’s rankings are terribly low, and NBC “will have to take her off the network.” Well, we saw this one coming.

“If they stick with her, they’ll give her an MSNBC show,” Simone tweeted.

Kelly never supported President Trump, and this caused a significant drop in her ratings. People don’t like her for everything she has done since President Trump was inaugurated.

What do you think about this? Will Megyn Kelly be fired? Will Fox News reconsider their decision to take her back? If not, where will Megyn Kelly end?

(h/t Breitbart)