Nuclear Activity Once Again In North Korea

A few months back, we were all enthralled at the possibility that President Donald Trump might take unprecedented military action in North Korea. No other President before him would even dare of messing with the regime that is currently in place. But that is what we have in President Donald Trump. He is willing to go further than anyone before him. In fact, it has almost turned into one of his calling cards. Though the attack did not happen, it should that Donald Trump will not back down from the bullies over in North Korea. The Koreans want to think that they are the strongest in the world. Well, let’s just hope President Trump does not catch wind of that.

But now there is more nuclear activity that President Trump has sworn to stop. Chinese and American officials fear that North Korea could be planning a test while they are sitting to meet in Washington. This is bad for many reasons. Obviously we do not want the North Koreans to have anything close to something nuclear powered. That could spell disaster for the entire world. Secondly, Trump has been clear the the Koreans — stop your tests or we will.

Well, they didn’t. So what will Trump do next? There are many things that could happen here and there are many moving pieces to keep an eye on. It seems as though President Trump would not take harsh military action on the Koreans, considering he would need approval from Congress, something he would never get. So what he might do is try to beat the Koreans at their own game. Trump will turn into the bully himself. We will see how the North Koreans like that for a change.

What do you think about the North Koreans testing new nuclear weapons?

(h/t CNN )