Robert Mueller’s Criminal Background Comes To Light

We have been getting a lot of information thrown at us recently and much of it is very scary. The James Comey testimony opened many doors into what was going on throughout the FBI and we are starting to see just how far down it goes. It was quite obvious that James Comey needed to go. His firing was inevitable as he was simply not doing the job he needed to be doing. It seems odd, the timing of all these things. Liberals have been trying to turn this whole thing against President Donald Trump and they are willing to lie to make that happen. Now, we have found some interesting information on Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller is the one who is in charge of the Trump investigation. We know already that this investigation will be done unfairly, considering Mueller is a good friend and confidante of former FBI Director James Comey. We have seen the liberals do this before. Also we all know that they love to fabricate stories about people they do not like and it is only a matter of time before they do this with President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for the liberals, the truth has finally come out. Robert Mueller has been proven a fraud once again. New reports have shown that Mueller has falsified testimonies before and it looks very well like he could do it again.

His liberal ties have also been under intense scrutiny with investigations finding that his law firm was working for liberal companies as recently as 2015. Obviously these things need to come to light so that we can stop this witch hunt once and for all. We are seeing the liberals actively trying to turn against Trump and his administration. It looks like they will not stop.

What do you think should be done?

(h/t Palmer Report, Time)