Barack Obama Addresses Healthcare

Barack Obama needs to realize that he is no longer the president of the United States. Fortunately, he left and Donald Trump took over stronger than ever. That is why we have gotten as far as we have without him in office. Obama was a total failure in all respects and did not do what the American people voted for him to do. He lied while campaigning and did whatever would get him into office. From there, he drifted into the sunlight with the full force of the media and the liberals behind him. Obama never got the attacks that President Trump has on a daily basis. That is the difference here and one more reason it is so shocking to see Obama address yet another one of his issues with Trump.

Obama just doesn’t seem to know when to give up. Just about everything he has been doing in the past month or so goes along with his liberal plan to destroy President Trump. Yes, we have all heard that Obama will say nothing against Trump or his administration and so on. That is what they media wants us to think but that is obviously not the case. He is using his minions to help him get Trump out of office.

This statement is total bogus. Obama can give speeches, we’ll give him that. And he knows how to lie in the perfect way where he will come off as the good guy every time. That is why it is so dangerous to listen to what he has to say. He is a fraud that will use the problems in our country against Trump in order to make himself look good.

(h/t Facebook)