Chaffetz Receives Death Thread On His Voicemail

Some people enjoy molesting others, and this time a male person threatened Rep. Jason Chaffetz. The man called Chaffetz, and threatened to hang him from a lamppost. What happened to this world? Why are people so mean?

“Hey Jason Chaffetz—I suggest you prepare for the battle, mother*****r, and the apocalypse. Because we are going to hunt your a** down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost!” the man on the phone screamed. This is unbelievable!

Although the caller was arrested, Chaffetz insists that the police provides more protection to congressmen. We can’t have more people like James Hodgkinson. Scalise was seriously injured in the shooting, and we all hope that the shooting incidents will end here.

Chaffetz made the demand after Hodgkinson opened fire at Republicans. Luckily, Scalise is feeling great at the moment, and his condition upgraded from serious to fair.

But, this isn’t the only time lawmakers receive death threats. Chaffetz went on Fox News, and said that this is common in the world of politics, and each case ends without prosecution. He mentioned the incident in which potential attacker threatened to slit his throat.

“I have stacks, mounds of written threats that people put their names to, send us emails. But, again, they don’t get prosecuted. There has got to be better ways to protect members of Congress,” Chaffetz expressed his deep concerns.

President Donald Trump will sure find a way to solve the problem, and protect members of Congress. He promised to protect this country and the people who live in it, and it’s time for those dangerous people to be put behind bars.

What do you think about this story? Do you think other members of Congress are threatened as well? How will President Donald Trump solve the problem?


(h/t Mediaite)