Former Obama Official Arrested

We are seeing exactly what happens when we have a leader like Barack Obama. His administration was involved in so many illegal communications and activities that it is sad that we are just now seeing the investigations taken place. If we had looked deeper into what was happening while he was in office, we might have had a case for impeachment. Definitely more of a case that liberals have against President Donald Trump. But the Obama administration refuses to admin any wrongdoing while in the White House and really, that is going to come back to bite them hard. We already now that they were involved in illegal activities because we have proof. Just look at Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch and tells us what they did is not illegal.

Now we have another former Obama official that has been arrested and this one is huge. A former CIA official that worked under Barack Obama was been arrested on treason charges. Kevin Patrick Mallory was arrested on charges that he sold top secret information to China. This is what we can continue to expect to see from the Obama administration.

“Your objective is to gain information and my objective is to be paid for it” Mallory wrote to a Chinese contact in May. He sent documents to the contact, with one being labeled as top secret.

It has been reported that he could have made at least $25,000 from this and maybe even more. Though he has denied these claims, it looks like he could see life behind bars. That is what will happen if you decide to go against the wishes of the United States. Obama needs to be the next one to be investigated, who knows the kind of dirt we would find.

What do you think of this arrest?

(h/t Washington Post)