Gowdy: DNC Is Hiding Something

Rep. Trey Gowdy is at it again. Unlike his Democrat friends, Gowdy is one of the very few people who are interested in learning the truth. Well, Dems not only disrespect the truth, they give their best to hide it. We’ve seen too many hide ‘n seek games coming from their side, and Gowdy is fed up with it. He went on Fox’s “The Story,” and expressed his deep concerns.

The House Intelligence Committee hearings are the hottest topic these days. The alleged Russian hacking is quite a hit now, and everyone talks about it. It’s interesting how most people don’t understand it’s just a puzzle imposed by Democrats who are only trying to cover up their mistake.

Democrats lost the presidential elections in November, and their wound is still wide open. That’s just because Democrats would never accept the idea of having Donald Trump in the White House. But, people chose him, and Hillary was left behind. Her political career is almost done.

Gowdy spoke at The Story about the testifying of former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. Johnson said that his department actually offered to help the DNC, but this offer was turned down.

Host Martha MacCallum asked Gowdy about his greatest concern regarding Jeh Johnson’s hearing. Gowdy said that Johnson had the “unique position to answer those questions.” He added that the DNC was only presented as a victim, and they failed to provide any evidence or turn over “a really good piece of evidence,” referring to the server.

When MacCallum wanted to know his opinion on the facts the DNC had to refuse any cooperation, Gowdy made a “wild guess.” He said, “The reason is, there is something else you don’t want law enforcement to see. There is no reason to not allow DHS to patch or fix a vulnerability in the DNC system. Heaven knows there is no reason to not give the world’s premier law enforcement agency, which is the FBI, the evidence they may need to stop another attack from hurting someone else.”

What do you think about Gowdy’s explanation? Do you agree with him?

(h/t Breitbart)