Gowdy’s Daughter “Briefly Flirted With Bernie Fever”

It seems like Rep. Trey Gowdy had other problems than just going after Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. His teen daughter had “briefly flirted with Bernie fever,” and the problem was nothing by a parenting mistake, as Gowdy joked.

According to him, his daughter found something interesting in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposal, and her interest became deeper during the presidential campaign.

“When you hear the word ‘free,’ just understand that’s not the right words. It may be free to you, but it’s not free. What I told her was, ‘You can believe whatever you want, you just have to be able to tell me why,” Gowdy explained his parenting lessons. Well, he made a few good comments here, and he is definitely earning extra points on parenting.

Gowdy didn’t share information about his daughter’s current political interests, and didn’t mention anything about her being a Sanders fan at the moment. But, given that he said that she had only “briefly flirted,” his parenting lessons sure worked. Gowdy’s daughter should have learned the lesson, and recognized the real ideas behind Sanders’ policies.

The South Carolina congressman spoke about his daughter after responding the question of a seventh grader. Eden Adams wanted to know how her generation can improve in the eyes of senior Americans. The seventh grader said that her generation is “afloat with no real aim, arrogant with no real confidence and entitled,” and Gowdy just said that they are none of those things. Maybe Eden will be one of the very few decent politicians in our country.

Gowdy complimented the new generation, adding that they accept differences. The congressman also said that this generation is more inclusive than his, and didn’t forget to add that they are all doing great.

What do you think about Gowdy’s response? Do you think his daughter still supports Sanders?


(h/t Western Journalism)