Ivanka And Jared Seen Holding Hands

President Donald Trump continues to surprise people with how much he has helped the United States. Every day he is coming up with new ways to make the country much better than it was before. He has definitely been keeping his campaign promises one by one. Barack Obama left this country in shambles and it was starting to show. Donald Trump took over just in time and this is exactly what we needed as conservatives. But don’t think for a moment that he is alone in all of this. Ivanka Trump, his daughter, and Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, have been working hard for the administration.

They are truly a power couple and it is good to see them doing such great things in the White House. Ivanka is trying to change America for the better and she needs to help of all Americans, Democrats and Republicans. One of her main goals since joining her father’s staff has been to help get equal pay for women. This seems like a good cause to work for, right? Apparently liberals don’t think so. They have been attacking her nonstop. This needs to stop as it goes against everything she stands for. But she will not let them stop her.

Kushner has been in the Middle East recently for peace talks and they went quite well. They are working very hard for this country and it is starting to show tremendously. The administration is doing very well for all Americans and this couple is the perfect example of that. We can tell how happy the two are to be together once again. They are in love and it is good to finally see from the First Family.

While Barack and Michelle lived in the White House, Americans never got to be excited about what was going on within the federal government. But with the Trump administration, there are people everywhere that we can look to to have the epitome of class. This is a family that knows how to live well and we needed that.

What do you guys think of these photos?

(h/t Daily Mail)