Alexandria Shooter Engaged In Something Big

Liberals love to act like they are the ones for peace. They want everyone to know how much they love everyone and how much everyone loves them. But ever since the start of the Trump campaign, we have see a change in the behavior of the liberals. There is a deeply rooted hatred for everything about President Trump and his administration. There is something that they are not telling us and it has come to light in recent weeks. First of all was the image that Kathy Griffin took holding the severed head of President Donald Trump. This was threatening to say the least, but of course no legal action was taken.

Now things have taken a more serious turn and it was a turn that took things deadly. The Alexandria shooting was a perfect example of the liberal hatred that stems from the mainstream media and the lies they tell on a daily basis. It is no surprise to see something like this finally happen. We knew how much the liberals hate the president and nothing was ever done about it. From the beginning, conservatives around the country have come out against the hate that the left has shown to no avail.

But unless something is done very soon, we will continue to see hateful attacks just like this one. Now we are learning more about the shooter, John Hodgkinson. He was an out of money, liberal loon that had a taste for blood. The shooter took to the ballpark with a 9mm pistol he purchased shortly after the Trump inauguration. He obviously thought he had nothing to lose, so he took out his anger on innocent GOP congressmen.

The FBI has opened up an investigation into the man behind the attack and they have learned some very interesting things. He was out of work at the time and had been living in a van for the past 3 months. These are all details that played into his mindset. We need to be on the lookout for more of these attacks in the future. They will continue to come until the liberals learn to stop with the hate.

(h/t AP News)