Barron Trump Loving The White House

The First Family is finally together in the White House after a very long wait. Barron and Melania Trump have been living in New York City ever since Donald Trump won the presidency and boy, were they attacked for it. It seemed like every single day the liberals would come out with new numbers about how much it cost to protect them. But these numbers were nothing compared to what the Obama family cost American tax payers.

But things are looking way up for the family now. They are finally living like they have been waiting to live for a long time. The reason they waited to move in was much debated. Liberals have been blaming the failing marriage of Donald and Melania. But that is not only disgusting, but also 100% false. The only reason they waited was because they wanted to let Barron finish out the school year at the same school. Seems like a pretty good reason.

Now Barron is seeing what it is like to officially live in the White House. It has been reported that he even had the opportunity to show his classmates around, something that he was very excited about. It is good to see Barron enjoying himself so much at the White House. And better even, he finally has plenty of room to play soccer!

The attacks against the First Family need to stop once and for all. We are starting to see the worst come to light of the liberals and it is not pretty. They need to be left alone so that they can start to work towards a better future. His family should not be attacked and they need to be off limits.

Donald Trump and his family can rest in peace knowing that they are finally together. Melania and Donald deserve to be happy and this will make that wish much easier.

What do you guys think about the First Family finally being together in the White House?

(h/t Western Journalism)