Bill O’Reilly Gets An Offer Pulled

Fox News does not know what to do. They have obviously been making mistake after mistake and it is starting to show a lot. Ever since they fired their longtime host Bill O’Reilly they have been facing severe backlash. Their ratings have not been the same since and they are feeling the pressure. Many conservatives around the country have even said that the Murdoch brothers are trying to move it into a more liberal direction. But we will see how long that lasts if that is the case. Obviously Fox News has a huge conservative following and it would hurt them badly if they were to go away from their viewers.

But Bill O’Reilly on the other hand is doing quite alright. He already has his own podcast up and things have been looking up ever since he was let go. Bill O’Reilly was fired because there were claims that he had sexually harassed several women during his time at Fox News. These claims came without proof and with no evidence whatsoever. That is one of the reason conservative fans were so upset about the firing.

But now it looks like one big opportunity for Bill might have passed him by. There were many chances for him to go to OANN and he could have made a huge hit on the channel. Maybe he was not interested as he already had other offers. Or maybe he is content with what he is doing right now and that is totally understandable. We need to continue to support him no matter what because that is what he needs more than anything else right now.

Bill O’Reilly was a magnate for Fox News and it showed when he left. The network has lost its direction and they had better hope other anchors do not jump ship when the time is right. They need to figure something out and figure it out fast if they want to keep their audience happy.

(h/t Conservative Tribune)