Clint Eastwood Directing Controversial Movie

Clint Eastwood takes a remarkable amount of heat from the left considering his success on the big screen. Apparently liberal hate knows no bounds. Well, who are we kidding, everyone knew that. But maybe we didn’t know just how far and wide it has gone. Eastwood, who up to now, has seen widespread success in just about any aspect of life, has taken on a new kind of challenge. He has a massive audience and platform that he can use to help spread a message of good in this liberal dominated country.

There have been things that have impacted Eastwood throughout his life. He talks at length about his past and how it shaped who he is today. Obviously there are only little parts of him that we can see in a film. But that does not mean that the decorated actor and director isn’t much deeper than he might appear on the surface.

We can all remember the story of American soldiers stopping a terrorist on a train in France. Three American men, Anthony Sadler, Alex Skarlatos and Briton Chris risked their lives for the passengers on a trained that departed from Brussels on its way to Paris. When a terrorist went into the restroom and came out with a fully loaded AK-47, the three soldiers jumped into action, disarming the man and taking him down in the process.

This story spoke to Eastwood so much that he decided to make a movie about it. This movie has caused him to receive an alarming amount of hate from the left. This just shows how much the liberals are willing to do to keep their agenda going.

But Eastwood, as we know, is a very strong willed man with a thundering personality and he fought back hard against these insults. The film has come to be extremely controversial as it is backed by conservative undertones.

We know how much Clint Eastwood cares about this story and succeeding movie and we cannot wait to see it become a hit. The big screen is waiting for a good conservative movie to come and this might be the one.

(h/t The Guardian)