Depp Is In Trouble For Flirting With The Idea Of Killing Trump

We know that Hollywood is too liberal to accept President Donald Trump, but celebrities have really crossed the red line in several occasions. President Trump promised to make this country great again, and all they do is mocking him. Johnny Depp joined the anti-Trump moves, and he did it in the worst way possible.

The actor followed the example of his liberal colleagues, and talked about assassinating President Trump. Snoop Dog made a video in which he kills a clown that looks like President Trump. Kathy Griffin posed with the bloody head of President Trump in her hand. What’s wrong with these people? How can someone wish for the death of their political opponents?

There are more civilized way in handling things, especially if you are celebrities. We don’t think that actors are aware of the fact that their fans may be disappointed with their actions. Less fans means less money.

But, Depp and other actors seem to be fine with this. Depp was invited at the Glastonbury Festival, and used this opportunity to speak about President Trump and his assassination. Of course, that was a joke, but not everyone agrees that he should have done anything like this.

Depp told the audience at the festival that President Donald Trump needs help, suggesting that “there are a lot of wonderful dark, dark places he could go.” Is this even possible? Depp seemed to be reasonable until he made these comments.

The actor visited the festival to introduce his 2004 film The Libertine. Director Julien Temple was there, too. Depp talked about religion and President Trump. What a “great” moment to bash the President!

Depp isn’t the first celebrity to use a public event, and mock President. Hollywood celebrities are nothing but a bunch of liberals who try to earn on bashing the sitting President of the United States. No fan will ever approve this. That’s exactly what happened at the festival.

Does Depp know that comments like this could lead to another shooting? Hodgkinson is dead, but there are many angry Democrats wandering in the streets.

What do you think about this? Do you think Depp could get in trouble for saying this?

(h/t The New York Times, Fox News)