First Family Held A Ball At White House

The First Family has been working hard for Americans everywhere and what do they get for it? They receive attacks on a daily basis from the liberals who are jealous of the family. That is where we are as a country right now and if something doesn’t change soon we could see more shootings like the Alexandria attacks. But for the most part, the family has responded remarkably well to the attacks and have shown us that they are above the left and their insults. But the First family, everyone included, did something very special for the guests at a recent picnic they held.

The picnic was attended by two very special people. That would be the children of Steve Scalise, who was shot in a GOP baseball practice just over a week ago. President Donald Trump could not go to the baseball game that was played because of security reasons. He made sure that the guests knew that he wanted to be there but that, due to the Secret Services requests, he was unable to make it.

The picnic was full of fun and games for everyone involved. The family took a break from politics to just enjoy the day with other members of Congress and their families. This is what it looks like to have a President of the United States that cares. When there was a shooting under President Barack Obama, he used it as a way to push his liberal agenda. Not President Trump, he wants to make sure that he cares about every single American citizens, regardless of party lines.

This picnic was held to prove how much Trump and his family care about what happened. There were many very important people in attendance and it went along way to soothe tensions. Liberals need to realize that what they are doing hurts people. We need to come up with a way that liberals can see what they are doing hurts people. The political turmoil they are causing is painful to see and innocent people are getting in the middle of it.

What happened to Steve Scalise is very sad to see.

(h/t Daily Mail)