First Lady Wears Amazing Dress At Her First Congressional Picnic

First Lady Melania somehow manages to ignore the criticism imposed by her husband’s political opponents. Democrats are determined to criticize the First Family in every opportunity they get. It’s sad how these people aren’t ready to accept the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential elections. But, the First Lady is prepared for all the nonsense brought by Democrats, and she didn’t let anything spoil the first Congressional Picnic.

This is one of the most important events so far. First Lady Melania and President Trump had the honor to host it. This was their very first Congressional Picnic, and it all went amazing.

First Lady Melania always looks gorgeous. She knows how to pick the right dress for every occasion. But, this dress is some sort of special. First Lady Melania wore a rainbow-colored striped dress. The brown belt made for a nice addition, and her pink heels were absolutely amazing.

“My husband and I are pleased to welcome Members of Congress and their families to the people’s house. I look forward to an evening together that will highlight our New York home by bringing a piece of New York City to Washington, D.C,” First Lady Melania welcomed her guests.

The First Lady Melania used the opportunity to mention the GOP shooting, adding that now is the time to “spend time together not as politicians, but as colleagues and friends.” She promised to keep Congressman Steve Scalise, his family, and the other victims in her prayers, encouraging everyone to pray for the wellbeing of injured GOP members.

First Lady Melania is right. We should be more united than ever, and now is the time to stand strong against opponents.

“Picnic in the Park” is this year’s theme, and the “scene” was decorated as if they were all enjoying a nice summer evening in New York’s Central Park.

The First Lady didn’t forget to share an amazing picture on Instagram. “Looking forward to this evening’s Congressional ‘Picnic in the Park’” the caption read.

This is amazing. We appreciate the First Lady’s effort to make everyone happy. It’s time to move forward.

What do you think about this? Do you think Democrats will spoil the event?

(h/t The Daily Caller)