John King Calls Fox News Slate TV

As we know, Fox News has been dealing with a lot as of late. Many of the problems that have arisen stem from their decision to fire their longtime host Bill O’Reilly who was a stronghold of conservative ideals. After this decision was made, they immediately felt the impact of what they did. Their ratings plummeted along with their viewers and this could only be because of Bill O’Reilly. He was beloved across American television screens and when someone of his stature goes, it creates a black hole for months and even years afterwards. But that does not mean they are totally at a loss, the network has many hosts still on which is why it was that much more alarming when CNN host, John King, referred to Fox News as “Slate TV.”

Now, this can be taken multiple different ways. As it looks now, it was yet another liberal commentator taking a jab at the dart board that is Fox News. And in reality, that is exactly what this is. But would it be going to far to say that John King might have a point when it is all said and done? Probably, but hear me out.

Fox News has been taking interesting steps to weed out the people they no longer want. We saw that in Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, who has since passed away. And they recently made a move to get rid of Bill Shine who was a big part of the networks long standing success.

Many of these firings come from the Murdoch brothers wanting to move the network in a more liberal direction. John King therefore, called them out on it. Now we all can agree that CNN is the worst of the worst. But if Fox News doesn’t come up with a plan very soon, they could see a similar fate.

John King is just another liberal hack that attacks Trump on a daily basis. We have seen all we need to see from him and hopefully Fox News can recover soon. That is, if their viewers will come back in the first place.

(h/t Ad Week)