Obama Cost Tax Payers Millions

Barack Obama has been going everything he can in order to sabotage the Trump administration. He wants to make sure that his policies stay in place for as long as possible. But Obama might be figuring out the hard way that this could be easier said than done. As we know, the Obamas have been following the Trump administration and family around the world. First, they went on a low-profile (or at least as low-profile as the Obama’s can be) trip with billionaire Richard Branson to his private island. They went their to “work on their memoir” that they will make $60 million off of.

But that is not even the scariest part. The Obama’s continue to cost American tax payers millions of dollars. When he went to Italy at the beginning of May, he knew exactly what he was doing to the Americans that would foot the bill. Obama and his family simply do not care about the pain they cause to every day Americans. They think they can get away with whatever they want.

For most liberals around the country, Obama has done nothing wrong. They look at him as a god and this needs to change. During this now infamous trip to Italy, he spent a staggering amount of money. This money was spent on things like Secret Service, hotel villas and Presidential suites. Now it seems like they have gone to far, right? Obama and his family aren’t even in office anymore and they are still costing the American tax payers millions every year.

Conservatives need to fight against this kind of obvious misconduct and some sort of law needs to be put in place that limits the money spent. One of the more disturbing parts of all of this is that they can easily pay for everything on their own. They signed a massive book deal worth millions of dollars recently. Not to mention all of the advertisers that have signed him on since he left office.

We need to see some real change here before he brings the United States even more debt.

(h/t American Now)