Obama’s Past Conceal Dark Mystery

Barack Obama was a president like we have never seen before. During his campaign, conservative around the country started to get the idea that this man should not be trusted, but maybe not the the extent at which we know now. With Obama out of office, nobody cares to talk about his past anymore. It just isn’t worth it for most and, at this point, it is a little bit futile. But we have not given up on finding out what exactly this man has been up to for the entirety of his life.

Whether or not Obama is currently in office, it should not change the fact that he is subject to the same laws as any other ordinary citizen. Though it may be hard to believe with all of the liberal propaganda going around these days, Obama is not as innocent as we might think. In the past few months alone, we have uncovered numerous scandals at the hands of Mr. Barack Obama. Many of these dating back to the very beginning of his first term.

But outside the world of politics, many people do not know the kind of man that Barack Obama has been. But newly released details given to Pulitzer award winning author David Maraniss start to shed some much needed light on the mystery that is Obama’s past.

Two former girlfriends of Obama, Genevieve Cook and Alex McNear have both come out with a few intriguing details on their relationships. They describe the former president as a man with many sharp edges, adding that the sexual warmth was definitely there.

This might not seem significant, but we will try to get you to see this from our point of view. McNear lived with Obama in New York in 1982 while he was attending Columbia University. Things got less than perfect towards the end, but not before some of her diary entries were already recorded.

From reading the diaries given, it sounds like Obama had tremendous mental strain that had an impact on everything in his life, from relationships to school.

Are you interested in learning more about Obama’s shady past?

(h/t The Telegraph)