US Supreme Court: Obama Appointee Solomon Served Illegally

Barack Obama was the worst president in US history. Many would agree that our country suffered the most under Obama. This man did more damage to our country than any politician. It was clear that the former president cheered to Hillary’s victory. He even supported her at the rallies. But, things didn’t work well for them, and now Obama has to deal with another problem.

The former president was only interested in spending some nice time with his family in Hawaii. The Obamas travelled to Italy after he left the Oval Office. Who paid for this? American taxpayers. Obama always said that he stands with American workers, but he disappointed these people and pretty much everyone in this country.

All the shady deals prove that Obama used the benefits his position provided. Being a president of the United States means taking care for every single person in the country. Obama only took care for his family and Democrat friends.

Unlike Obama, President Donald Trump promised to make America great again. He said that everything will change, and some of the toughest criminals are already right where they belong. Now it’s time for Hillary and Obama to get what they deserve.

Obama will have to deal with people’s anger. He was selling fake news, manipulated everybody, and covered up criminals.

But, President Trump is determined to put an end to this, and now Obama has something to think about.

The Supreme Court confirmed that former president Barack Obama violated the US Constitution at the time he maintained an acting agency appointment after Senate members didn’t confirm it. According to Justices, Obama appointee Lafe Solomon was illegally appointed at the position of acting general counsel to the National Labor Relations Board.

The Federal Vacancies Reform act of 1998 (FVRA) suggests that Solomon was supposed to leave the position after the Senate didn’t confirm his nomination to become a permanent general counsel in 2011.

So, does this mean that justice found its way out? Probably yes.

What do you think about this ruling? Do you think Obama will react after the US Supreme Court ruled against him?

(h/t The National Law Review)