Calls For Mueller To Recuse Himself Grow

Despite the obvious bias Robert Mueller has to the Russia investigation, he has shown no intention of stepping down. This goes in defiance of many members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, who have been calling on Mueller to recuse himself from the matter. It is clear that he cannot give an unbiased view of the investigation considering his friendship with ousted former FBI Director James Comey. In order to President Donald Trump to get the fair investigation that he deserves, we need to see some changes taking place.

Newly elected Representative Andy Biggs, a republican from Arizona, has been on the forefront of those calls. Biggs explains that Mueller has prominent ties to the democrats which go against what being the head of an organization like the FBI is all about. “His ability to be impartial is doubtful. He has surrounded himself with highly partisan lawyers who make a special practice to like the coffers of Democrats,” Biggs explained.

Biggs also explained that even though the liberals have been trying everything they can to make this about President Trump. That is not what this is about. Russia is being investigated for messing with our election. Contrary to what is being reported by the mainstream media, this is not about whether or not President Trump colluded with the Russians. This, according to James Comey himself, has been proven false time and time again. There is no evidence to back up those claims.

Robert Mueller has both feet in the liberal camp and it is starting to show. If he chooses to continue this investigation without recusing himself, he is setting up for a very bad time. We need to see justice for what did, or didn’t, happen. There is no reason that we should keep this investigation going. It has proven nothing in the many months that it has been going on.

Regardless of what you might here on the mainstream media sources, know this. President Trump is not under investigation for any wrongdoing. Until Americans realize this, we will be getting nowhere fast.

Do you agree that Mueller needs to recuse himself?

(h/t The Hill)