Democrats Work On New Reinforcing Strategy

It’s more than clear that Democrats won’t give up on their fight against President Donald Trump. The anti-Trumps have united their “forces” in an effort to impeach President Trump. The victory of Republicans in the last presidential elections was the last shot Democrats received, and everything they do points to the fact that they’re maybe ready to trigger another Civil War.

However, things don’t work well for Democrats. Their party could easily fall apart, and sources say that the inter-party pressure is higher than ever. Right after Karen Handel won in Georgia Special elections, a group of Democrats held a secret meeting with the only goal to oust House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Does this mean that Pelosi is losing the support of her Democrat friends?

Pelosi isn’t ready to leave her position, but her party fellows are ready to take her down. Everything points to the possibility that Democrats are just trying to clip off “dead branches.” Pelosi was caught in the middle of so many scandals, and her political career may soon be brought to an end.

Democrats are disappointed after Ossoff’s loss. Did they forget that Ossoff was trying to take a position in a strong Republican district? He didn’t have any real chances against Handel, despite all the money he received from shady sources.

Ossoff received $30 million for his campaign against Handel, but he lost. No Democrat will ever change the fact that Handel was a better candidate.

Democrats were disappointed after Ossoff’s loss mostly because they gave their money for nothing. Many Hollywood celebrities fueled his campaign, but their efforts didn’t help him.

We can only wait to see if Democrats will start acting reasonably. These people are blind with hate, and their actions fill headlines. President Trump will have to deal with a lot of problems imposed by his political opponents, and we know that he will handle the problems with ease. That’s why people chose him.

What do you think about this? Do you think Pelosi will be forced to leave her position? Are Democrats plotting against her and other “weak” Dems?

(h/t The New York Post)