Former ISIS Slave Puts Obama On Blast

We all know that the Obama administration did not do what they needed to in order to stop the spread of ISIS and their militants. Some new reports have come out that show just how laxed the administration was on these terrorist organizations. Obama was not a doer. He did not like to take action on things that were not right in front of him. This differs greatly from President Donald Trump and his administration. They have shown time and time again that they will not step down from a fight. This is something that we need to see more and more of as time goes on.

Obama ruined our chances at getting rid of ISIS before they attacked us. If it would have been President Trump in office rather than Obama, we would have seen a much better outcome. But that is unfortunately not how it worked out and now we are seeing the consequences. But there have been a few people to call Barack out of his inability to get things done.

Liberals and the media try to act like Obama did a great job when it came to foreign policy, but that is not the case. He had the chance to take down ISIS where they started and he blew it big time. A former ISIS sex slave has come out blasting Obama for not doing something sooner.

Nadia Murad has come out with very strong words against the former president. She goes on to explain that the United States should have taken action long before they did. She went before a congressional panel and just absolutely destroyed Obama and his administration.

Murad is tired of seeing the United States sit back and do nothing while there are innocent people dying every day. Why would the United States not want to get rid of ISIS? It seems like something that would interest them greatly and it would be good for the people of the United States.

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(h/t Bizpacreview)